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"Shanti Fiennes, the niece of Ralph and Joseph Fiennes, has the chance to establish herself alongside them as box office royalty with Diana In Love." - Richard Eden, Daily Mail

'Shanti's Diana combines the perfect blend of joy, apprehension and melancholy...
'Diana in Love' is an intimate love letter to the People's Princess.
- Lisa Marks, Medium

"The film is romantic and melancholy but mostly just brilliant."
- Marco Spagnoli, Giornale dello Spettacolo 

"There have been many portrayals of Princess Diana as a victim, but what made me have to play Diana in this film is Brent Roske's vision of putting Diana in control. The documentary style of the filming is incredibly freeing for an actor and the locations have been fantastic.
I can't wait for people to see the movie this fall.' -
Shanti Fiennes 

‘Diana In Love’ is a fascinating film that mixes fiction and reality, showing the often overlooked fun times of Diana’s life, shown in an impressive mixed-media format.”
- Mariam Bakuradze,  Imedi TV

"I want this movie to be a friend to lonely people, to keep people company in the middle of the night when they can't sleep, watching it on their phones under the covers and hoping it never ends." - Brent Roske

'Diana In Love' premieres Sunday, 10/1 on the Flamingo Network on Roku
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